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Wellness Circles

4+ Participants, 4 Sessions: 


Community living and human connection are vital to our well-being.  Positive, reflective relationships restore faith in ourselves and others. 


Our Wellness Circles are designed for members to collectively explore and discuss transformative topics and shared points of interest. The communal experience of self-discovery, meaningful connections, and social adaptability provide essential benefits to our group process.


Circles include 6 or more participants who gather, in person or virtually, with a supportive facilitator. Through 6 thematically-organized sessions, members relate insights to grow introspectively and interpersonally.


Supportive feedback inherent in our circles contributes to wellness in one’s relationship to self while enhancing or restoring healthier attachment (or non-attachment in appropriate cases) in relationships with others. 


A well-designed syllabus is developed for each circle, although the flow of each is fluid depending on the group's vibe and content. Participation, collective perspectives, constructive reflections, empathy, and listening to one another generate the energy that stimulates our resilience. Also included is a selected book on each topic to increase perspective and spark mindful conversation and dialogue.


Join and engage socially for self-discovery, clarity, and recognition of another’s point of view. Most importantly, experience “Universality” – a sense of belonging which, we believe, promotes personal growth and social resilience.

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