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  • Resilience (noun)

The competence to absorb, adjust, and adapt to changing circumstances and events while maintaining

core purpose and integrity (truth).

  • Resilient (adjective)

A capacity to recover readily and adapt to change.

  • Grow Resiliently (adverb)

Characterized by, and living, with resilience.  The ability to resist sustained negativity when faced with

change or misfortune; rebounding. 

Human resilience, although changeable, is a powerful inherent resource that can regenerate an individual and foster community health. Collectively applied, there is exponential potential for each of us to better absorb, adjust, and adapt to adversity and a shifting environment. 


Community living and connection are vital to our well-being.  Positive, reflective relationships can restore faith in ourselves and others. Our Wellness Circles are designed to give participants the opportunity to grow resiliently, while collaboratively exploring transformative ideas and expounding knowledge.

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