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Parent Wellness Circle

4+ Participants, 4 Sessions

Ocean Beach, Windswept on the Bay

7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1 - 7:45p to 8:45p to reserve

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What’s included?

  • Mindfulness practices, breathing exercises

  • Mindful Parenting strategies and skill-building

  • Personal check-ins, being present and purposeful

  • Listening to understand your child, being responsive & less reactive

  • Resilience plan and parent manifesto

Raising Good Humans by Hunter Clarke-Fields is an anchor for our conversations and content.  This popular book offers time-tested skills and suggestions on parenting with purpose and resilience. No need to buy the book to join the group! It is recommended that we attend each of the 4 sessions, but not mandated.

Cami Meyer, Facilitator

Cami began joyfully teaching yoga on Fire Island in 2004 and has provided classes seasonally, adjusting to our changing environments and shifting tides. Yoga brings balance and wellness to those who practice. It has been a privilege to bring this healing art to Ocean Beach. Presently, Cami is focusing on resilience and holistic wellness, personally and socially.


Off-season, Cami is a full-time school counselor for the NYC Dept. of Ed. She has 25 years of working as a school counselor, and several years as an educator for ages ranging from 2  through 18. In addition, she maintains membership in a long-term parenting support group which she believes brought exponential guidance and support for many facets of her life.

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