Parent Wellness Circle

6+ Participants, 6 Sessions

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What’s included?

  • Conscious conversations

  • Breathing exercises, Mindfulness rituals

  • Best practices for listening to understand your child, and yourself

  • Community connection/relationship building for shared support and empowerment

  • Mindful Parenting strategies and skill-building


Parent Circle point of interest:

  • Mindful Parenting: A "response-based" style of being with your child, limiting or eliminating negative reactivity. The ability to pause, reflect inward, and choose thoughtful responses to your child's needs or behavior.

Mindfulness has become incredibly popular and generalized. From local school districts to global industries, its strategies are integrated to improve performance and reduce stress. On its own, Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present with our emotions, thoughts, and situation at any given moment.  


Introduced decades ago, Mindful Parenting is now fully embraced. Caregivers move through the process of personal awareness and acceptance which is continually modeled for children, breaking cycles and resolving conflict. With Mindfulness, we no longer let emotions, past trauma, or fear determine our experience or reaction. Anger or frustration may endure, but it becomes an informed place rather than a habitual reflex. Intention, purpose, and resilience become the path of the parent.

We will review the book, Raising Good Humans by Hunter Clarke-Fields. With so many helpful guides available, Hunter Clarke-Fields incorporates popular, time-tested skills and suggestions.  She divides the book into two sections, one for parents and the other for children which readers find helpful. It's relatable, engaging, and can spark conversation for our

Parent Wellness Circle.

Session 1: Being fully present

  • Breathing exercises, body scan, guided meditation

  • Building self-awareness, creating conscious choices

Session 2: Resolving emotional reactivity

  • Power of the pause

  • Managing our feelings so children manage theirs

Session 3: Making peace with imperfections 

  • Understanding human regression 

  • Resetting intention, parent-child agreements

Session  4: Listening and attuning to a child's needs

  • Creating safe environments

  • Being proactive, consistent, and reliable

  • Modeling citizenship and integrity



Session 5: Self Care

  • Nurture yourself so you can nurture your child

  • Self-study, self-value, self-acceptance

Session 6: Realistic Expectations

  • Inspired action for growth and wellness

  • Closing exercises